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Byron Grieco Moreira da Silva

Head Consultant

Broad professional experience, having worked for renowned companies in Brazil (Vallée) and abroad (Rhodia Mérieux – now Merial, and Intervet).

Involvement in several areas of the veterinary industry such as: production, quality control, research and development, technical support to clients, product management.

Experience in product registration since 1983, in the biological, pharmaceutical, and feed and food additives sectors.

Technical advisor in several countries in Latin America, working as a consultant in the poultry health segment.

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Member of several committees focused on the development and revision of regulatory frameworks, representing industries at the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, and providing systems of legal standards for biologicals.

For reasons of confidentiality, which is key in this segment, Vet Affairs does not disclose, even upon consent, the companies listed on its portfolio.

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